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HPFRT – Hemmett Pelvic Floor Release Technique – An Explanation

PFRT – or – Hemmett Pelvic Floor Release Technique was developed by Dr. Vicki Hemmett in 2010 following her completion of a pelvic floor seminar and a subsequent ‘A-HA’ moment ensued.  Dr. Vicki has specialized in treating orthopedic conditions in women before, during and after pregnancy as well as women in all of the stages […]

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The Doctors Behind Hemmett Health’s Patient-Centered Practice

Hemmett Health’s patient-centered, best-practice health care paradigm has dynamically evolved over the past 13 years.  Drs. Erik and Vicki Hemmett purchased The Back and Neck Center in 2002 and have built upon the existing foundation of high quality care for over a decade now.   In 2008, the practice changed location to South Burlington and was […]

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