Painful Intercourse

Postnatal Painful Intercourse

Dyspareunia, or pain with attempted intercourse has many different causes and many different types of presenting symptoms. The location, nature and frequency of pain all help in understanding the sources and aiding in treatments. Some women may describe pain with intercourse from their very first attempt while others begin to feel pain after a particular injury, childbirth or infection.

Pain can be described as sharp, cutting, deep or throbbing and can be felt superficially at the opening of the vagina or deeper, in the posterior regions of the pelvic floor, or both.

The doctors at Hemmett Health will assess and examine the pelvic floor and the musculoskeletal structures related to the described pain. Tight, spastic muscles are very commonly the main cause for pain with intercourse. This exam will aid in the diagnosis and subsequent treatments. Hemmett Pelvic Floor Release Therapy, or HPFRT is a manual pelvic floor stretching technique designed specifically for the purpose of decreasing pelvic floor musculature spasm. When normal tone is restored, the pain associated with it disappears.

Each patient’s case is different, and most cases will have a favorable change within 6 visits. If your condition does not improve or change, we promise to refer you to an appropriate health care provider who will be able to help you with your pain.

Most cases are permanently corrected with no need for follow up care once symptoms are treated.

We understand that this is a very personal and intimate condition and we vow to assure your comfort by offering sensitive, thorough care, thereby empowering you to be free from the burden of your pelvic floor dysfunction.

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