Mid and Low Back Pain

Postnatal Mid and Low Back Pain

Mid and low back pain are both very common but not normal following the birth of your baby. The postnatal period, or fourth trimester, can be a challenging time for all as mothers recovering from labor and delivery while tending and caring for a newborn. The physical demands of nursing, feeding, bathing and caring for a newborn are tremendous. Following the delivery of the baby, the mother’s body is fatigued, weak and tired. There is much potential for injury.

HemmettHealth team is able to assess and appreciate the unique demands required of a new mother. In addition to chiropractic management licensed athletic training will provide the strength and confidence to return to your prenatal fitness level.

Home Care Options

  • Icing
  • Stretches: sitting and lying down, partner assisted
  • Orthotics, proper footwear
  • Sleep position with extra pillow, sitting position, driving car
  • Sacroiliac belt
  • Rehabilitative exercises

Office Care Options

  • Active Release Techniques
  • Graston
  • PNF
  • Massage
  • Mid and low back and Sacroiliac CMT
  • Rehabilitative strengthening exercises, feet, PPT
  • Custom-molded Biomechanical Orthotics

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