Medical Soft Tissue Release Therapies

Medical Soft Tissue Release Therapies

Our Licensed Athletic Training team is trained in several medical soft tissue release therapies such as:


PNF Stretching

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy

Manual Biofeedback Muscular Facilitation

Orthopedic Massage

Effects on Muscles and Connective Tissue

Your Licensed Athletic Trainer will use a variety of techniques to aid in muscle relaxation, relieving spasm or cramping, increasing range of motion, stretching tissue and positively affecting certain scar tissue. Muscles benefit from Medical Soft Tissue Release Therapies by direct contact and indirectly from improved circulation. After Medical Soft Tissue Release Therapies, the body can more efficiently circulate clean, oxygenated blood and take deoxygenated blood and other wastes, such as lactic acid, to be discarded as waste material.

Healthy muscles are less likely to become injured. Medical Soft Tissue Release Therapies improves flexibility, increase range of motion and help you to activate key core postural muscles. 


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