Massage Therapy

Effects on Muscles and Connective Tissue

Massage aids in muscle relaxation, relieves spasm or cramping, increases range of motion, stretches tissue and positively affects certain scar tissue. Muscles benefit from massage by direct contact and indirectly from improved circulation. After a massage, the body can more efficiently circulate clean, oxygenated blood and take deoxygenated blood and other wastes, such as lactic acid, to be discarded as waste material.

Healthy muscles are less likely to become injured. Massage improves flexibility and increases range of motion. It may also decrease recovery time after strenuous activity, which can result in less soreness.

Effects Circulatory and Lymph Systems

Massage promotes circulation of blood and lymph by bringing the body into a state of enhanced homeostasis or balance.

Effects on Nervous System

Massage tends to decrease tension and anxiety. It has been shown to be useful in relieving depression. It may also promote a positive self-image and sense of self-worth. It relieves fatigue and enhances a general sense of well-being.

What We Offer –

  • Deep tissue, Sports or Orthopedic Massage… a more aggressive massage helps to prevent and decrease muscle soreness/tightness that results from overuse or tissue injury
  • Swedish Massage…gentle long strokes help to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, decrease soreness, pain and tightness and promote overall relaxation
  • Prenatal Massage…gentle techniques to help decrease fluid retention, muscle soreness, sore feet and overall wellness of mother and child
  • Postnatal Massage…helps to restore the body to its normal state by improving overall wellness and decreasing fluid retention