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The Doctors Behind Hemmett Health’s Patient-Centered Practice


Hemmett Health’s patient-centered, best-practice health care paradigm has dynamically evolved over the past 13 years.  Drs. Erik and Vicki Hemmett purchased The Back and Neck Center in 2002 and have built upon the existing foundation of high quality care for over a decade now.  

In 2008, the practice changed location to South Burlington and was renamed Hemmett Family Chiropractic and Massage.  We began to incorporate rehabilitative services, massage therapy and pelvic floor health treatments in our core chiropractic orthopedic practice in an effort to better serve the neuromusculoskeletal needs of our existing patients and medical community referral providers and their patients.   

Dr. Vicki specializes in providing comprehensive and passionate care for women throughout the many stages of prenatal aches and pains, postnatal physical challenges and women who suffer from pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.  Dr. Vicki also enjoys treating our youngest patients from infants to toddlers to teenagers who have challenges with “growing pains” and with muscular imbalance.

Dr. Erik continues to have an energetic and positive approach in all aspects of patient care and genuinely works to empower patients by initially resolving symptoms followed by an individualized program teaching patients how to effectively manage their condition independently.

Outside of the office, Vicki and Erik enjoy family time with their 3 children – mostly being outdoors and active!  Additionally, Dr. Erik is an avid hunter and enjoys hiking in the woods, skiing, swimming and keeping on top of the latest political and health news.  Dr. Vicki is a runner and also enjoys family ski days, hiking and reading.  They both enjoy cooking and sharing meals with family and friends.

Drs. Erik and Vicki look forward to continued growth with expansion of services, with additional practice locations and with a growing, fantastic staff.  

Our vision is that Hemmett Health will be a destination where you, the patient, will be able to heal, to learn and to become empowered to fulfill your health goals!

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