The Hemmett Health Vision

To create multidisciplinary health and wellness centers where patients receive the best possible care and personal attention, building relationships centered on trust, education and respect. We strive to empower our patients to build healthy bodies and minds via innovative and effective treatments that directly and positively impact the whole person, allow the body to heal; fostering happiness, health, and vibrant well-being in each person, professional connection, and throughout our communities.

The Hemmett Health Mission

To empower happy, healthy and vibrant lives.

Hemmett Health’s Values

Team Core Value #1:

Grow your Grit:   

We passionately strive to improve ourselves and our team through unequivocal excellence, quality and perseverance, driven by a strong work ethic to do whatever it takes to solve challenges and grow ourselves and our business. 

We are never satisfied with good. We always strive to be great. 

We embrace challenges as simply issues that need to be solved and an opportunity to grow and become great. We listen carefully and ask the right questions to discover the “root/real” cause of an issue and then effectively and efficiently understand the root.  We promptly execute on an agreed-upon course of action and then follow up on our progress.  We recognize that the speed at which a decision is made is often more important than the decision itself. 

We view change as an opportunity to improve ourselves and our business and become more effective and more efficient. 

Team Core Value #2

Embody Unity and Teamwork:   

We are committed to creating an environment that fosters teamwork between our employees, our professional provider network, and the patients and community we serve.  

We foster collaboration, continuous learning and transparency in order to build respect, relationships and trust.   

We can get what we want by helping others get what they want.  It is all about service. How can we serve our patients and fellow employees? 

We always put the greater good of the business ahead of our own self-interest and recognize that it is the business that unites us and allows us to have relationships with each other. 

We view ourselves as play-makers- a great assist is as gratifying as scoring the goal ourselves. 

Team Core Value #3

Act with integrity/honesty:   

We build relationships by developing trust and loyalty, by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions. 

We have a sincere interest in understanding the needs of our patients and desire to help them meet their needs. 

We recognize that our individual actions and sometimes inactions reflect upon our business, fellow employees and ourselves. 

We acknowledge that “do what I say, not what I do” is confusing to our patients and fellow employees.  We strive to live what we teach each day. 

Team Core Value #4

Serve with compassion:   

We always remember that caring is as important as the care we provide.  

We recognize that our highest calling is to provide relief to those in distress.  

We are professional when the situation calls for it, and, at the same time, we are casual in the right circumstances.  We let our emotional intelligence guide us here. 

We recognize that it is ok to give “tough love” when the time calls for it and an employee or patient needs to look at themselves in the “mirror” and take responsibility for themselves. We acknowledge that tough love is sometimes more effective than “soft love” which can empower excuses for no action or change.  


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