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HPFRT – Hemmett Pelvic Floor Release Technique – An Explanation


PFRT – or – Hemmett Pelvic Floor Release Technique was developed by Dr. Vicki Hemmett in 2010 following her completion of a pelvic floor seminar and a subsequent ‘A-HA’ moment ensued.  Dr. Vicki has specialized in treating orthopedic conditions in women before, during and after pregnancy as well as women in all of the stages in between.  

Pelvic Floor Health is an essential component of care for all women and, unfortunately, the vast majority of women suffer from one or more forms of PF dysfunction.  Dr. Vicki collaborates extensively with OBGYNs and PCPs. She has had the privilege of helping manage the neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) symptoms of patients who have been referred to Hemmett Health with truly comprehensive care. 

HPFRT was developed to complete the missing link in this holistic care model, by managing the NMS component of pelvic floor dysfunction and symptoms.  Dr. Vicki began effectively treating patients with urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, muscle weakness, coccydynia and other pelvic floor syndromes.  Her unique manual approach coupled with the Hemmett Health vision of patient education, empowerment and long-term independent management, has resulted in a very effective revolutionary perspective on pelvic floor health; most importantly, creating a healthy awareness of optimal function.

There is both a logical and anatomical connection of the pelvic floor to the low back, the hips and the sacroiliac (SI) joints which marries HPFRT with chiropractic care beautifully.  This unique approach combines the effectiveness of each branch of care resulting in thorough assessment and treatment of each patient’s individual dysfunction.

Dr. Vicki and the Hemmett Health team are thrilled to be able to offer Hemmett Pelvic Floor Release Technique to empower you to achieve your optimal self!

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