Breech Presentation

A breech presentation occurs in pregnancy when the baby is head up in the uterus instead of being head-down prepared for delivery.  When a baby is in a breech position, the vast majority of the time, a C-section is required.  There are some musculoskeletal components of the uterine ligaments and pelvis that can become tight and restricted during pregnancy, which may be related to the position of the baby.

HemmettHealth providers have developed a safe, non-invasive therapy to help restore sacroiliac, hip and pubic symphysis range of motion and to decrease muscle tension to help relax the pelvis.  The technique gently releases tension within the soft tissues to allow for easy movement of the baby in-utero.  The doctors will assess the movement of your sacroiliac joints as well as palpate the tone of your round ligament on the abdomen.  Following proper diagnosis, they will perform gentle mobilization and soft tissue release techniques to free restrictions in the affected structures.  There is no direct palpation of the baby!  This technique focuses on the optimal movement within your pelvic structures to allow for more freedom of movement within your uterus, and thus provide more room for your baby to turn.

This is a safe and gentle, conservative approach to allow your baby to move into an optimal head-down position.


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