Postnatal Prolapse

Female organ prolapse occurs when the female organs fall from their normal position, into or through the vagina. It is a condition that is more common in females as they age due to the hormone changes affecting connective tissue elasticity. It is also quite common with women who are younger who have had one or more natural childbirths either delivering a large baby and/or who has had an extended period of pushing. For patients with mild prolapse, strengthening exercises and conservative management are effective in treating this condition. Your Hemmett Health team will assess, exam and typically prescribe an individualized rehabilitation program. This will mostly center around strengthening and ergonomic awareness as well as activity modification with daily living movement. Care will be both in-office and require some home care exercises.

The rectum or urinary bladder may prolapse also, resulting in pelvic floor prolapse. Most times, these conditions are the result of connective tissue changes either from childbirth or from the natural aging process. We will use the same protocol of care as female organ prolapse to manage your symptoms. Care will focus on your individual symptoms as well as your short and long-term goals for optimal health!

We understand that this is a very personal and intimate condition and we vow to assure your comfort by offering sensitive, thorough care, thereby empowering you to be free from the burden of your pelvic floor dysfunction.

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