Wellness Posthab

Pregnancy dramatically changes your body in a very short period of time. Most people will never experience such weight gain in a short period of time.  This weight gain coupled with the ligamentous (joint) instability leaves your body in a very vulnerable situation. It is very common for old injuries to recur or new ones that you may have been borderline in having, flare up.  Most women want to “get back their previous bodies” as soon as possible. It is important to be patient, persistent and develop a plan to do this. Regaining your body must start with simple high quality core stabalization strengthening and then progress to the feet and extremities and then to cardiovascular exercise. It is very common for women who jump right into the cardiovascular exercise to create new conditions such as hip, low back or feet pain. 

Our licensed athletic trainer is certified in postnatal rehabilitation and has developed a supervised “Posthab” program that can be tailored to your individual goals whether it is simply weight loss, strengthening or getting back to running marathons.

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