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New Patient Intake Paperwork
New patients please fill out the appropriate New Patient Paperwork above and then call or text us at 802-879-1703 or email us at info@hemmetthealth.com and leave a message and we will contact you within two business days to schedule you. Thank you.
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“As a practicing OBGYN physician at Maitri Health Care for Women, I have been lucky enough to work with the exceptional team at Hemmett Health since 2008. They have taught me a lot about palpating and evaluating for musculoskeletal causes of pain. I routinely refer pregnant women and women with pelvic floor complaints. I feel quite lucky professionally to have such skilled and gifted clinicians across the hall from me.” -Jennie Lowell, MD
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We foster relationships, happiness, health, and vibrant well-being for men, women, and children. We care about you.


We empower patients to build healthy bodies and minds via innovative and effective treatments that directly and positively impact the whole person.


We work collaboratively with OBGYNs, PCPs, Midwives and other birthing specialists in the community via referrals and other programs to help women experience the most positive and healthy pregnancy possible. We can provide support during all phases of your pregnancy, as well as postnatal recovery, and to those in the early planning phases.


Our individualized rehab programs include core strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation of acute and chronic orthopedic conditions; with specialized prenatal and postnatal, and pelvic floor rehab programs.

Pelvic Power Release

The health of your pelvic floor impacts many areas of your body, and your social and family relationships. Pelvic Power Release helps women post pregnancy, women with urinary incontinence and/or pain realize new health and freedom. (We do not perform Pelvic Power Release during pregnancy or on men.)


The Hemmett Health team is dedicated to empowering happy, healthy and vibrant lives by offering evidence-informed, best practice neuromusculoskeletal health care options.

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