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Management and Recovery for Acute Muscle Strains

So you’re working out in your garden and you go to stand up and “POP!”, there goes something in you calf. Most likely you have just strained your gastrocnemius, or pulled your calf. In this blog, we will discuss what to do once you have gotten up off the ground from cursing and rolling around […]

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The Power of a Proper Plank

One of the most common core exercises that people utilize at home is the plank. It requires no equipment, works multiple body regions, and if done correctly can strengthen the core and help with multiple injuries. The key words here are “if done correctly”. It’s a great exercise and feels super challenging, but it’s very […]

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Hemmett Health Provides a Richmond VT 4th Grade Class With Exercise Balls To Foster Movement Breaks and Encourage Exercise

We love being involved in our community and schools, and thought we would share a recent opportunity the Hemmett Health team had to provide a Richmond, VT 4th grade class with exercise as part of promoting wellness, fostering movement breaks, and encouraging exercise throughout the day. We all know kids love to move! Below, Katie LeFrancois, […]

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Below is a word for word email I got from my sister, Catie, and I knew I had to share with you all!  Catie is a fabulous self-taught foodie and with an incredible sense of flavor profiles, attention to detail and desire to create healthful, delicious recipes for her family and friends.  I love that […]

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