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The Hemmett Health Team


Hemmett Health’s Team of providers, administrative assistants and patient support specialists, all work together to cultivate our team vision which is to create multidisciplinary health and wellness centers where patients receive the highest possible care and personal attention, building relationships on trust, education and respect. We strive to empower our patients to build healthy bodies and minds via innovative and effective treatments that positively impact the whole person, our professional connections, and our communities.

The providers at Hemmett Health include chiropractic physicians, licensed athletic trainers, massage therapists, rehabilitative and clinical assistants. We have a growing team of managerial consultants to assist with compliance, promoting research and human resource functions. Administrative support is provided by a team of welcoming receptionists, insurance and billing specialists and friendly support staff; all of whom have outstanding communication skills to help you, the patient, feel educated, warmly welcomed and truly part of our Hemmett Health practice.

Our team gathers each morning to discuss each individual patient case for the day. Each provider discusses clinical progress updates and potential care modifications in an effort to truly integrate our care.

We embrace team health care and foster positive, transparent communication with team members, patients, policy makers and payers, in an effort to provide the highest quality cost-effective conservative neuromusucloskeletal health care options.

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