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Hemmett Health Provides a Richmond VT 4th Grade Class With Exercise Balls To Foster Movement Breaks and Encourage Exercise


We love being involved in our community and schools, and thought we would share a recent opportunity the Hemmett Health team had to provide a Richmond, VT 4th grade class with exercise as part of promoting wellness, fostering movement breaks, and encouraging exercise throughout the day. We all know kids love to move!

Below, Katie LeFrancois, a teacher at Richmond Elementary, shares her perspective, along with some fabulous photos.

Thanks to Amanda Repp, I had the pleasure of reading John Ratey’s book Spark this summer.  Erik Hemmett noticed me reading Spark, which ignited a hemmett-health-promotes-wellness-in-richmond-vt-school-classroomwonderful conversation about the importance of movement.  Dr. Erik was amazing and instantly asked if he could help me create short focused movement breaks that would get our heart rates going and challenge our brains!

We are so lucky, because Dr. Erik asked his licensed athletic trainer, Alli Bologna, to design different exercise routines that I could easily work into my day.  Alli came in on Monday and taught us three different movement breaks!  The kids LOVED them!

Not only did she teach us how to move our bodies in a more focused and meaningful way, she also brought gifts!  Hemmett Health DONATED stretchy bands and sitting balls for every student in my class!  We were so excited, we didn’t even wait a minute to start blowing up our new balls!

Thanks to Erik, Alli, and Hemmett Health, my students are going to be healthier and more engaged in their learning!

We can’t wait for Alli to come back and teach us some more of her awesome routines!!!

Thanks to the generosity of Hemmett Health, Alli Bologna came in again this week to teach us even more of her awesome focused movement breaks!  Alli has been creating routines that will help my students get their heart rates up while also working on balance and focusing their minds and bodies. 
We use Alli’s exercise routines throughout the day when we need to move and get our minds ready for learning.  Students have become so good at mastering many of these exercises, they now do a routine independently when they enter the classroom each morning!  I know my mind and body feels refreshed every time I do this work with my kids!  Thank you Erik & Vicki Hemmett and Alli Bologna from Hemmett Health for making our movement breaks so meaningful and helpful.  We LOVE them!!!

The Hemmett Health team is honored to be part of promoting wellness in our community and schools. If you enjoyed this article, please share with educators, friends, and family. Connect with us on the Hemmett Health Facebook page for more inspiring posts!

~The Hemmett Health Team
P.S. Below are some of the amazing thank you notes we received from the kids!


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