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Dr. Vicki M. Hemmett

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Dr. Vicki Hemmett and  Dr.  Erik  Hemmett  are  co-owners  of  Hemmett  Health

Dr. Vicki grew up in Southwest Ontario and attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario where she discovered her desire to pursue chiropractic medicine as a career path. She felt that the conservative, natural approach to healthcare was a practical, effective first line treatment for pain and dysfunction. Dr. Vicki was drawn to the idea of patients being accountable for their health; thereby empowering them to reach their full and optimal potential.

Dr. Vicki attended National University of Health Sciences and dove into her studies with vigor. Anatomy courses were her favorite, and work in the labs proved most formative. She met and later married fellow classmate, Dr. Erik Hemmett and they decided to return to his native state, Vermont upon graduation in 2002. They purchased an existing busy practice in Williston and emersed themselves in learning all about the business, patient care and how much they loved their profession!

Dr. Vicki always was drawn to women’s health; particularly pregnancy care. She reached out to many local OBGYN practices and made a great connection with Maitri healthcare and developed a collaborative referral network from the early days of practice. In 2008, Maitri invited Hemmett Health to be part of Eastern View Integrative Medicine, an integrative health building fostering and promoting comprehensive, collaborative women’s health care. It was then where Dr. Vicki was introduced to the idea of pelvic floor health; and again dove into the anatomy, neurology and treatment of the female pelvic floor with passion. She felt that there was a gap in treatment options and so Dr. Vicki drew upon her palpation experience, her chiropractic joint manipulative skills, her curious and innovative mindset to develop a truly unique treatment protocol; Pelvic Power Release. Over the next decade, Dr. Vicki was able to diagnose, treat and heal hundreds of women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.

During this time, Dr. Vicki was able to co-lecture with Dr. Jennie Lowell, OBGYN from Maitri, at the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. She taught the OBGYN residents musculoskeletal anatomy and function as well as palpation techniques in order to make a great referral to a pelvic floor provider.

This experience emboldened her love of teaching and the desire to bring pelvic floor dysfunction, commonly known as the “silent epidemic”, into the mainstream. She sought to try to normalize pelvic floor therapy, to empower more women to seek care and to not be embarrassed or ashamed to speak about pelvic floor dysfunction.  She is eager, excited and so thrilled to share her passion, wisdom, experience and mastery of Pelvic Power Release with other providers.

Collectively, we can ALL shift and revolutionize women’s health care with a collaborative, bold, empowering approach that will restore confidence, joy and a celebration of a woman’s body throughout all stages of her life!

Dr. Vicki loves to travel to warm, sunny beaches for relaxation and fun with Dr. Erik and their 3 children. She is an avid runner, beginning each day with a peaceful morning coffee and tough workout. Dr. Vicki loves reading, connecting with her extended family throughout the US and Canada and is becoming more inclined to appreciate the value and restorative nature of the occasional afternoon nap!

Educational Background

National College of Chiropractic: Lombard, IL

  • Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Certified Acupuncture & Meridian Therapy
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree: April 2002

Queens University: Kingston, ON, Canada

  • Bachelor of Physical Health & Education (Honors), May 1996
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, May 1996


Past Active Release Techniques Certification

Certified Pelvic Floor Rehab Therapist

Hemmett Pelvic Floor Release Technique: Creator & Developer

University of Vermont College of Medicine: Guest Faculty Lecturer

Professional Affiliations

American Chiropractic Association
Vermont Chiropractic Association



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