1. How has Hemmett Health benefited you?
  2. Would you recommend Hemmett Health to a friend or relative?
  3. What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your experience?
  4. If you have had experience with other healthcare providers, what sets Hemmett Health apart from them?

Date: 10/24/15

Patient: K.N.

Occupation: Nonprofit director

I had headaches at least once or twice a week, often really painful, usually originating in my neck. I was hopeful but not certain getting chiropractic care would help. I had also been contemplating plastic surgery as a way to address my pain. After seeing Dr. Vicki, I started feeling better. Once I felt better, I started exercising more. Since then it’s been a habit and I’ve lost weight, felt more confident and been happier.

  1. It has helped me correct the cause of my condition.
  2. Yes! Great people and competent, timely, pleasant, helpful experience.
  3. It started a cascade of positive changes for my health.
  4. The results are so positive. Not only stopping a pain, but helping to start a good change.

This was my first experience with chiropractic care and I couldn’t be happier. I sought treatment for pregnancy related hip pain and the improvement after just a week of treatment was truly amazing. Dr. Vicki and her staff are all so patient, friendly, and knowledgeable that it made for a relaxing and enjoyable experience every visit.

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Date: 10/8/15

Name: Anonymous

Hurt my back, had to go to the emergency room for pain.

  1. Chiropractic and rehab has given me my life back as I am 99% better
  2. I got great care and good results
  3. Thoughtful integrative care
  4. Integrative medicine all under one roof.

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Date: 10/13/15

Name: K.D.

Occupation: Teacher

I hurt my shoulder playing tennis and couldn’t even use it to drive, buckle my bra, carry groceries, or anything that required me to lift it. As a side sleeper, it was even more sore during the night to be on my right side.

  1. The Graston treatment and personalized exercises have completely healed my shoulder issues.
  2. I heartily recommend Hemmett Health for their comprehensive approach to functional health care and training.
  3. The most valuable aspect of the care is the way it is tailored to my changing needs.
  4. Other chiropractors that I have seen in the past have never taught me how to use my back and legs to minimize injury.

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Date: 10/1/15

Name: J.T.

Occupation: Teacher

I came in initially for the breech turning technique to flip my second baby and it was a tremendous success! Dr. Vicki was fantastic about understanding your body and each time I walk out feeling fantastic! After giving birth I came in with knee pain and began rehab. I cannot even tell you how much of a difference it has made in my life. When I first began, I was extremely uncomfortable doing stairs or even bearing weight on my right leg. Now, only a few weeks later, I’m stronger and so much more confident! Overall, I love coming to the practice because I am always greeted with a smile and I leave feeling energized and so positive about my progress.

  1. I can bear weight and do stairs comfortable while holding my daughter.
  2. Absolutely! It’s such a welcoming place and everyone is so wonderful.
  3. Feeling empowered to get back into a regular work out routine without pain.
  4. Great communication! Great understanding of what they are doing and beyond wonderful staff

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Date: 9/9/15

Name: E.K.

Occupation: media buyer

I was struggling with pelvis floor pain for nearly two years after the birth of my son. After doing chiropractic for a couple of months, my pain essentially vanished and I’m so much more comfortable and so appreciative of the work.

  1. I finally feel back to normal after almost two years.
  2. They provide excellent care.
  3. The outcome of my rehab, as well as, the treatment itself.
  4. Excellent service and attention

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Date: 9/7/15

Name: L.M.

Occupation: Homemaker

I started having hip pain during my 5th pregnancy and my pelvis dislocated. It settled down some but continued to get more painful for my next 2 pregnancies. A friend recommended Hemmett Health.

  1. It has helped me maintain my condition and give me a better quality of life.
  2. Yes, I have.
  3. Dr. Vicki knows what treatments works and wants you to live a good quality of life. You become part of the Hemmett family. They want to help you and get you to where you don’t need to come as often or at all. Not pushy. It is a wonderful environment. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I am so blessed to be part of Hemmett Health. I started over a month ago with exercises and Graston treatments. Rehab has improved my condition and really helped me with confidence in what I need to do to help my body. Rehab has changed my life.

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Date: 9/2/15

Name: D.O.

Occupation: Speech Pathologist

Being a runner, keeping all my parts working is critical to my entire physical and emotional well-being. I can always count on Hemmett Health to keep me in running shape.

  1. Yes I would and I have! Effective, informative, efficient, amazing.
  2. I’m being educated while being treated.
  3. The education, the thoughtful care, great listening to my concerns. I’m always amazed how all of my issues are heard and then addressed.

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Date: 7/30/15

Name: E.M.

Occupation: IT consultant

I have a back that used to feel stiff and sore all the time from sitting long hours at work, long commutes, playing with my young daughter, and playing hockey. After just a few visits, chiropractic care was able to make my back feel 20 year younger! Every aspect of my life suddenly became easier without the pain.

  1. I can live more comfortably doing all my mundane tasks-live, work, and play. I got so used to living with pain for so long, now I feel liberated feeling pain free!
  2. I like how they are very professional and informative. They do a great job explaining everything we do.
  3. It feels like complete care when I see a chiropractor and a massage therapist back to back.
  4. Staff is friendly, knowledgable and eager to see us improve. Your facilities are clean and inviting.

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Date: 7/9/15

Name: J.L.

Occupation: Teacher

I started working with chiropractic care during the last few month of my twin pregnancy. It was amazing! I felt better after each time!!! I started working with rehab after my boys were born to correct a diastasis recti. The care was very, sympathetic, patient and excellent. My diastasis is almost gone, I’ve been doing vigorous yoga 2-3x per week and I started running again. Thank you ladies! I couldn’t have done this all without your support and encouragement!

  1. Yes!! Compassionate and thoughtful care with a smile.
  2. I feel like everyone is cheering me on and taking a personal interest in my recovery.

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Date: 06/21/15

Name: S.S.

After surgery on my neck for disc and bone spur issues between C5& C6 and C6 & C7, the muscles in the back of my neck and upper shoulders were sore and would become fatigued in the later afternoon and evening. A co-worker suggested I try Hemmett Health because they had Chiropractors, a licensed athletic trainer, and a massage therapist, and would be able to design a program to help me using either or all of these expertise. I was examined by the Chiropractor and Athletic Trainer and they determined a successful wellness plan.

  1. My life consisted of Chiropractic muscle evaluation of my neck, learning to do shoulder, neck and core strengthening exercises and then massage therapy. After several weeks of this regiment, I no longer have shoulder and neck fatigue. My neck has not felt this good in almost two years.
  2. YES! The professionals at Hemmett Health work as a cohesive team. It is evident that they meet as a team to discuss the patients’ status and progress. They design a wellness plan that involves all aspects of their professional services. Their knowledge of the human anatomy involving bones, tendons, and muscles and how they all interact with each of their specialties amazed me on a weekly basis. If I have a need in the future, I will immediately return to Hemmett Health.
  3. It was evident from the start that all members of the Hemmett Health team were good listeners and communicators. They listen to my concerns and designed a get well plan that was explained well and was acceptable to me (I want to make it clear that my neck was never “cracked” as part of my rehabilitation). Scheduling was never an issue and we were always able to make an appointment. All employees are highly knowledgeable and professional.
  4. Hemmett Health offers three professional opportunities; Chiropractic, Athletic Training and Massage Therapy, other offices do not offer all of these opportunities. In addition, the team communication is unmatched with other offices.

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Date: 6/2/15

Name: D.W.

Occupation: System Admin

I came to Hemmett Health when I was 13 weeks pregnant and super stiff. Emailed on a Saturday and they got me in on Monday morning! Great customer service! Since then I was hooked to feeling good and not living a life of a back full of knots. Chiropractic and massage are amazing! They listen to my current pains and let me walk out feeling 180% better! I have recommended many friends to check this place out!

  1. It has made a big impact on my life! I no longer go month and month in pain. Before I would just get a massage at other places when I really needed an adjustment too-this place as BOTH!
  2. Absolutely-Already have! They are amazing and make a big difference in your life! No more living in pain.
  3. Having both massage and chiropractic appointments back to back. My back usually needs both to feel better.
  4. Customer service! Always smiling, kind, caring-and always try to get you in as soon as possible!

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Date: 05/06/15

Name: R.P.

Occupation: International Development Consultant

I experienced a gradual discomfort in lower back over a couple of years. It eventually worsened to the point that it inhibited regular walking or standing. So I came in for treatment.

  1. Daily life now normal thanks to ability to manage injury/pain through stretching and exercise.
  2. Absolutely yes. Because of the professional staff, very competent diagnosis and treatment and highly personable provider.
  3. The knowledge I gained from the diagnosis and subsequent treatment, both by providers and my self using the techniques they taught me.
  4. Good results and great face to face interactions.

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Date: 4/18/15

Name: N.W.

Occupation: Executive Assistant

I had a very difficult winter and struggled with illness which ended up in muscle strain due to coughing non-stop for weeks! Chiropractic and massage got me back on my feet fast! I feel great!

  1. More freedom of movement without pain, better energy, and overall improved wellness.
  2. Yes, the level of care far exceeds what I’ve experienced in other clinics.
  3. The confidence of the staff that health and wellness is possible that the body can heal itself
  4. The combination of services and expertise in one place makes receiving care so convenient here!

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Date: 04/06/15

Name: C.G.

Occupation: LNA

I’m an LNA, I was repositioning a resident when I injured my back. It was excruciating, however since I am also pregnant with twins I was cautious about my treatment and providers. The care I received has been fantastic, exceeding all of my expectations! They have been amazing!

  1. Not only has Hemmett Health relieved my pain, but I have received wonderful tips, advice and exercise all of which have helped a lot with my pregnancy.
  2. I already have, actually. They are compassionate, easy to talk to and wonderfully effective.
  3. The on-going benefits of exercises I was taught.

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Date: 4/9/15

Name: L.G.

Occupation: Waitress

I’ve come here before for pain in my neck due to a car accident and then most recently for pain in my lower back.

  1. I don’t feel pain anymore and I have stretches to relieve any pain.
  2. Yes, because they are all awesome.
  3. Feeling better
  4. Easier to talk to.

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Date: 1/28/15

Name: A.W.

Occupation: University of Vermont Medical Center

At 26 years old I never thought I would have pelvis floor issues, my pelvis floor got to be so tight that my gyn referred me to Dr. Vicki. After just one session, I felt immediate results! Dr. Vicki and her staff are all very welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend Hemmett Health!

  1. I no longer have pain/discomfort with intercourse.
  2. Absolutely! After my first appointment with Dr. Vicki I noticed a huge difference with my pelvic floor.
  3. Hemmett Health’s staff are all very friendly and welcoming, Dr. Vicki is very professional and really knows how to treat the pelvic floor.

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Date: 11/5/14

Name: K.B.

Occupation: Early Childhood Teacher

When starting at Hemmett Health I was pretty much hopeless that any kind of therapy or anyone could help me. I had been to another PT for my pain with intercourse and had absolutely no relief! I had gone to my OBGYN many times trying to figure out if my problem could be solved or even helped. I was recommended to see Dr. Vicki Hemmet at HFC as a last resort. Well, I had little hope and pretty much went in to the practice/Hemmett health, thinking OK another expensive, senseless PT session. But, my OBGYN insisted there was no one better and that quote “I haven’t sent anyone to Dr. Vicki without getting results in the first session!” So I guess hope was restored, a little. So upon arriving at the office Dr. Vicki came in and asked some questions and got right to work, assessing my problem, my vagina. Well, I won’t go into any details but OMG I walked out and felt like Jello! Now, I had to put it to the test! And it worked! Dr. Vicki is the one person to help my problem, and for this I am totally grateful. The pain has gone from a shooting intense stab, eliminating the option for intercourse with my lifelong partner, to a dull annoyance, but allowing me to actually be intimate with my boyfriend. I owe it all to the amazing work and empathy that Dr. Vicki has shown in her practice!

  1. Back/shoulder/neck–> my back pain has changed dramatically from shooting pains to almost nothing!
  2. Absolutely! I already have. Hemmett Health is the best around. I have tried other methods but they have the best results.
  3. The specialized and individualized techniques (HPFRT) that Dr. Vicki Hemmett developed for her vaginal therapy.
  4. Hemmett Health is very individualized and really works to make the most of your/my time. Dr. Vicki really wants to help!

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Date: 9/3/14

Name: J.L.

Occupation: Nurse

I’ve had significant pain on the outer side of my right knee, for more than four years, whenever I moved from a straight to slightly bent leg such as when walking. I’ve had treatment from three different specialists including injections of anti-inflammation medication and artificial knee lubricant. The pain kept getting worse and I was told that I might have to change my lifestyle…give up walking, hiking, and biking. I got very depressed about this and decided that I had to keep looking for a solution. That is when I came to see Dr. Hemmett. He quickly identified that my IT band was causing the pain. Within two-three weeks of chiropractic treatment my pain was greatly decreased. I am now walking, biking, and jogging pain free. Just a few months ago I walked with a limp and getting out a chair caused severe pain. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Hemmett, he’s given me my active lifestyle back.

  1. I can stand and walk pain free.
  2. See my story above
  3. Your knowledge and communication
  4. You correctly identified the problem and treated it

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Date: 02/21/12

Name: J.E.

Occupation: Mediator, trainer

My spine is happy!

I first walked into the Hemmett Health office with tailbone pain when I was pregnant with my first son, three years ago. I had no idea what an exponential impact chiropractic care would have on how comfortable I am in my body…then, and now. Regular visits contributed significantly to physically content pregnancies, uncomplicated (quick!) labors, and strong postpartum recovery. Parenthood continues to bend me in about a dozen new ways, but I feel more aligned and better informed about how my body moves and works than ever before. These lessons are lasting.

Dr. Erik and Dr. Vicki are invested in their work and energetic about their field, and they clearly care about the experience of their patients. I recommend them highly, with confidence, and gratitude.