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Hemmett Health practices patient-centered, evidence-informed medicine, taking into account the best research available, clinical expertise and patient values when making health care recommendations. We follow the most up to date published treatment care guidelines for our profession (Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters).

We provide conservative multidisciplinary (chiropractic, licensed athletic training, massage therapy) health care to complement allopathic care. We work collaboratively with PCPs, OBGYNs, Naturopaths, Orthopedists, Surgeons, Osteopaths and other Chiropractors. We work with legislators (policy makers), administrators (policy writers) and health care payers (insurance companies) to try to help advance patient access to high quality affordable health care options.

We combine traditional chiropractic joint manipulation with soft tissue techniques, like Pelvic Power Release, Active Release Techniques, orthopedic massage, stretching, rolling, Graston, PNF; and active rehabilitative strengthening exercises to achieve high quality, cost-effective outcomes.

We empower patients by promoting active patient-centered care and require patients to be active both with in-office and at-home care. We work hard to identify and address lifestyle challenges that may contribute to the patient’s condition and consult them on how to make lifelong modifications to empower them to have some control over their conditions.

We specialize in the conservative non-opiate treatment of acute and chronic conditions as well as offer safe, conservative options for chronic supportive care for symptoms and conditions that recur due to significant degenerative issues.


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